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The role and the team

NAPA Shipping Solutions is seeking a Back-end Developer to develop NAPA Fleet Intelligence platform. This role offers an excellent opportunity to work on an exciting project that makes a real impact. NAPA Fleet Intelligence is a powerful web-based platform that provides analytics, insights, and increased efficiency for the global shipping business. Our solutions bring tangible savings to our customers and help make decisions that save fuel and decrease emissions.

The developer will be part of our Reporting Team but also interact with other NAPA teams. The developer will be involved in the regular meetings with the specific customers and contribute to prioritizing the development task by reflecting the customer feedback.

The job is in NAPA Romania (Galați) or NAPA Finland (Helsinki). The team hopes that the new team member can work in hybrid mode and is sometimes able to come to the office. Some business traveling is also required.

The key responsibilities

  • Developing the feature agreed with the customer
  • Integrating customer data with NAPA Fleet Intelligence platform
  • Implementing the algorithm or logic required
  • Consulting stakeholders about the development in general

Are you the Back-end Developer our team is looking for?

Here are the key requirements for this position:

Essential skills:

  • .NET - Experience with .NET and its ecosystem. Most of the codebase is written in C# and F#; your proficiency in those technologies would be crucial to the core of our development efforts. You will be at the forefront of creating and optimizing the functionality of our back-end systems.
  • SQL - Postgres is the backbone of our data management. Proficiency in Relational SQL is essential to ensure efficient and secure data operations.

Other preferred skills:

  • Cloud - For cloud solutions, we are using AWS. While it's not a hard requirement to know AWS, expertise in cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud is preferred. You'll have the opportunity to work with these technologies as we explore scalable and flexible solutions.
  • Security: A solid understanding of security principles is crucial for safeguarding our systems and data. You'll be responsible for identifying and addressing potential vulnerabilities.
  • DevOps: Being well-versed in DevOps practices and tools will help streamline our development and deployment processes. Your knowledge in this area will enhance the efficiency of our operations. Terraform skills are a plus, but they are not mandatory. It can be an added advantage if you have experience with infrastructure as code.
  • Containers: Proficiency in containerization technologies, such as Docker, will be beneficial

In addition, proficiency in English and good communication skills are necessary for effective communication within our global team. Collaboration is at the heart of our development process and NAPA Way of working, so your ability to work effectively with others, contribute ideas, and share insights is highly valued. Your proactive approach to problem-solving will significantly contribute to our project and teamwork. In the dynamic field of back-end development, quickly adapting to new technologies and methodologies is a valuable asset.

NAPA as an employer

Meaningful work

We are proud to play our part in creating a sustainable world, and a career at NAPA means working with a purpose. We focus on building the best possible products for our customers, with whom we have close and long-lasting relationships. We protect the environment and human life at sea by powering safer and greener vessels with our technology.

NAPA Way of working

We are a self-managed organization. Everyone is here to help and guide each other, but you're your own boss. The core of our self-management philosophy is trust. We trust that our employees make the right decisions and take care of their personal growth. We provide several opportunities for that, and everyone can manage their own working time. You can work at the office, from home, or even while abroad.

Enjoy working together one of our core values. Learning from and respecting each other provides a healthy and pleasant working environment. We, as NAPArians, share our knowledge and help each other when needed. NAPA has offices and customers around the world, and you will be able to meet people from many different cultures. We are a diverse family with a shared goal.

Read more about our values and culture at and how developer work is at NAPA and other developers' career stories at

Ready to get on board and join the NAPA crew?

We kindly ask You to send your application and CV to us by Sunday 26 November 2023. The position will be filled as soon as a suitable candidate has been found.

For more information about the position, please contact Nuri On (Senior Technical Consultant) by e-mail: [email protected]

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