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Senior C++ Developer




UI architect / Senior C++ developer

We are looking for Experienced UI architect and senior C++ developer for open source development to our Unikie team. You will start your journey either in a selected customer project or in COMPANY’s internal product development team, depending on your profile and available opportunities

Your future colleagues are waiting for you to join our international team. Working with us is uncomplicated, there’s a good team spirit, low-hierarchy and nonexistent bureaucracy.


Skills Required

  • React
  • Vue.js
  • React Native
  • 3D Design
  • SwiftUI
  • C++
  • JavaScript
  • Flutter


  • Helsinki


  • You have extensive app development experience with several state-of-art UI frameworks (such as SwiftUI, Flutter, Jetpack Compose, vue.js, React/ReactNative).
  • You should be able to rationalize about different UI programming paradigms and UI framework features.
  • You have knowledge of the internal architecture and implementation of at least one UI framework (such as Flutter, Qt, vue.js, or React).
  • Experience with Web engine implementation, Chromium or WebKit, or a 3D graphics engine, counts for this as well.
  • You write code for large software projects every day. You are a C++ expert and have working knowledge of JavaScript
  • Insights into compiler development, especially those compilers inside some modern UI frameworks
  • Done app development for a modern graphics engine incl. good knowledge of developer friendly 3D app programming APIs (e.g. Apple SceneKit, RealityKit)
  • Known the internals of a modern graphics engine, e.g. Flutter, SKIA





We are dedicated partner for global players in our segments – Unikie supplies technology solutions and services to several global Fortune 500 companies in EMEA and America.


As a responsible and competent partner, we have access to some of the most interesting projects. Technology we create enables our clients to become digital leaders in their own industries.


We cherish transparency and do our best that it shows up in as many processes as possible. One example of this is our salary model.


We have top-notch technical talent, dedication and excitement to develop ourselves and solve even the toughest challenges.


The combination of our agile teams, proven track record, industry insight, and holistic service and solution model place us at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies.


Work in a flexible low-hierarchy organization that looks after its own.


Unikie is a global software engineering and innovation company that infuses intelligence into machines, vehicles, and industrial solutions. We provide intelligent solutions for the automotive, heavy equipment, transportation & logistics, devices & IoT, and networks & communication industries.

With over 600 engineering professionals and a revenue of 56 million euros (2022), Unikie is a premium partner for unique embedded software and marshalling solutions that create value and success in the evolving digital landscape of tomorrow.

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